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I’ve yet to put a screen lock on my new phone and it makes me nervous but I want to be the type of person who has nothing to hide.

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I prefer hearing, “I like your face” to “You’re pretty.” It feels more real.

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I have my second biking tour this Sunday and I’m nervous for a couple of reasons: First, I haven’t ridden in TWO weeks! I was away and then I came back and have had these horrible tooth problems that have sapped me of all energy and motivation. Second, I have these horrible tooth problems that are sapping me of all my energy and motivation, haha. No, but really…I’m nervous about being on Vicodin while riding because it not only makes me sleepy, but it also makes me dizzy and kind of nauseous. But if I don’t take it, I’m in a lot of pain and can’t imagine riding like that either. So how am I going to ride 60 miles Sunday in either condition? Grrrr…

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How am I spending my Friday night? Searching through and registering for cycling tours. So far I have signed up for a 45mile next Sunday, a 62mile in August, and a 100 mile (a century…the cycling equivalent of a marathon) in September!!

I am so so SO excited :)

#I've become slightly obsessed this summer #no regrets #things no one cares about #except i don't wear a helmet and they're all required for the tours. so lame #guess i'll have to finally suck it up and get one