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I spent the weekend up north in a little place on the water. Just me, my books, and my bike. No tv, no cell signal, just hours of swimming and biking.. it was incredible.

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Ok, so I wanted to reblog my 401k question post but when I do it takes away the little reply box which is super lame. But only 13 people answered earlier and I bet that’s because I posted it early this morning when everyone was sleeping. But I also have another question I want to ask and tumblr has that lame limit of 2 posts per day with the reply box attached so I’m gonna combine two random questions, ok? Ok :)

How much do you contribute to your 401k?
What time do you aim to be asleep by most nights?

#thank you for indulging my curiosity about all you wonderful people #:)


Please Relax. [x]

blue suede shoes


blue suede shoes

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"'What happens when people open their hearts?'
‘They get better.’"

- Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood

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 “Friends” by mauro maione :)
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Petit Prince 5


Chapitre 5 - Le Petit Prince

Featuring: me struggling on one of my favorite things to say in French, “jusqu’à ce que”, and just a little bit of English!

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