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What’s one good thing that happened to you this week?

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  1. fledglingtumult answered: Early winter/ fall light pouring through the window while I had a cup of chamomile. No one else was awake.
  2. arb2391 answered: I am secretly escaping to the other side of the country without anyone knowing
  3. suzieqatmizzou answered: I made cinnamon coffee, yum :)
  4. color-my-dreams answered: I haven’t been having a great couple of days. But you asking this question reminded me of the few things that went well this week. Thank you.
  5. whitgirl2 answered: i could actually bring myself to get up! and i’m glad i did, because i had a text saying ‘morning gorgeous’ …… i never get that. ever. :)
  6. ninaxthinkaholic answered: During this week, I’ve faced so much that I was bound to die with sadness. But hey, I made it through.
  7. redcatlily answered: I had a good week overall the best thing was my son coming home for the day just because he missed us and wanted to be with us.
  8. onlyeveryothermemory answered: today was (a much needed) payday!
  9. martymcfli answered: had a good laugh…hadn’t laughed in awhile and i found a study buddy
  10. generaloverdose answered: I think my history of Asia midterm went well….
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    What’s one good thing that happened to you this week?
  12. philosofly answered: I’ll be honest with you, this week was utter shit. But, the girl I am going on dates with and I are getting closer, and this is good :-)
  13. contentment-of-cats answered: Bear - my medically fragile 15 year-old cat gained some weight, and is well enough to want cuddles.
  14. didntsayidontloveyou answered: my new boyfriend kissed me on the cheek and i got a part in the school play.
  15. waltzingmatildablog answered: Family flew in from Texas.
  16. mindfulberry answered: Started at my new job.
  17. thedepthofme answered: made a new friend(: a very good new often does that happen
  18. thri-ll answered: I realised how much I love my best friends
  19. painfulbliss answered: became a level II reiki healer :) namaste
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  21. paperieandpen answered: I got a new Pokemon game. Haha. It’s silly and nerdy, but it distracts from stress.
  22. sixohthree said: Moved into my new apartment and on my way down right now to pick up my car and finally see my cats again!! Pretty good week all in all.
  23. eleven-pm answered: i’ve written a lot more than in the past
  24. thefineartoflife answered: I picked up my bass and played after months, created art and got serious Help on a midterm.
  25. tridente answered: i took a weekend just for me, midweek.
  26. garciabee answered: I got a phone call from a The Bay for a job :) Totally made my week!
  27. built-to-fallapart answered: nothing
  28. shieldinthenight answered: I was blessed with TWO jobs after 3 months of not working.
  29. triggeredkid answered: i started to dance again
  30. mtnsformiles answered: I got my first paycheck from my new job and found out I’m making even more than I thought :) What good things happened to you!
  31. just-likeasunset answered: Got a phone-appointment to speak with a man about a job I really want!
  32. fornowjustcarryon answered: My boss approved my two days off I need for Christmas to go to Chicago :)
  33. vileny answered: got laid
  34. blvtantness answered: I had breakfast this morning.
  35. jackooearthmoonsun answered: I didn’t have much homework and had some sleep:)
  36. smurfettude answered: I met my 1st RL Spoonie friend and he gave me a new used chair that he’d had at his house:) Amazing guy.
  37. byelenol answered: i felt like i did well on the psats.
  38. scotty-k answered: Grr.
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