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What is your favorite cereal?

#mine is fruit loops

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  1. humanunbeings answered: Cheerios or Golden Grahams c:
  2. fieryk answered: Jordans crunchy tropical fruits with fresh bananas and strawberries D:
  3. color-my-dreams answered: Cinnamon Life (:
  4. orangeyann answered: Koko Crunch! :D Honey Stars! :D
  5. matutyne answered: Koko Krunch or Fruit Loops too.
  6. jesusfeet answered: captain crunch!
  7. countryangel66 answered: Frosted Flakes :)
  8. runningmad answered: Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds! Mmmm.
  9. martymcfli answered: Frosted Flakes
  10. sauntering-vaguely-downwards answered: Corn flakes!
  11. storyofmahhlife answered: trixxx
  12. patch-22 answered: peanut butter cap’n crunch
  13. jornjorn answered: original cheerios
  14. i-t0ld-y0u-i-was-tr0uble answered: cinnamon toast crunch
  15. eleven-pm answered: cinnamon toast crunch
  16. daisypinwheel answered: Frosted Flakes!
  17. adaland answered: Fruity Pebbles! But they don’t sell it here anymore ):
  18. ty-hannah-saurus-rex answered: Oh’s. Try them.
  19. anthropologymother answered: shredded wheat with stevia and strawberries on top
  20. half-n4ked said: Cap n’ crunch :)
  21. allisonnlee answered: Fruity Pebbles :)
  22. avatarite answered: Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds
  23. mypersonalbrandofheroin said: Weetbix!
  24. jackooearthmoonsun answered: cheerios:)
  25. erynneptune answered: wheaties!!!
  26. formingstarsintoconstellations answered: cap’n crunch!
  27. oohlalalavender said: Banananananana nut Cheerios. :o
  28. lifeinpoetry answered: Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  29. philosofly answered: I don’t really eat cereal.
  30. fornowjustcarryon answered: CAP N’ CRUNCH!!!!! WITH BERRIES!
  31. philosolapis answered: reeces puffs, hands down.
  32. halfway-2-infinite answered: Lucky Charms
  33. wendyluwrites answered: Honey bunches of oats!
  34. redcatlily answered: Oatmeal with berries and yoghurt, whats yours?
  35. legendanny said: Honey Nut Cheerios
  36. hiswonderfulworks answered: toss up between raisin bran crunch and cinnamon toast crunch :)
  37. grace-like-rainn answered: cocoa krispies.
  38. anna-kitten answered: Fruit loops~
  39. sherlockholmes-doctorwatson answered: corn pops :3
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