Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go...

What makes you happy?

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  1. allthatihaveiswhatidont answered: tea, blanket and a good book.
  2. ismilailawisudana answered: if i meet Cut Bang, and i can make a my dream so really.
  3. sunfishmeatsauce answered: seeing people smile and happy, my boyfriend, my friends and family, sleep and food
  4. kaileemadeline answered: Chocolate, thunderstorms, and being completely myself
  5. dreamofmelynv answered: your blog :)
  6. laarche answered: When I can make others happy. When I realize the true purpose of events. (And figure out how to learn from my mistakes) I’m very grateful.
  7. ellyintheskywithdiamonds answered: reading and watching tv shows :D
  8. jaywalkingon answered: face muscles
  9. 83madmind answered: Watching the rain falls…but from different windows,different places and there lies the singular charm of it.
  10. martymcfli answered: i’m still trying to find out
  11. nazfreak99 answered: watch a comedy
  12. bettyying answered: Friends, good books, tea, good workouts, having great ideas run wild, yummy drinks of an alcoholic nature. ;D
  13. redcatlily answered: Being with my husband just being with him makes me happy.
  14. countryangel66 answered: Rootbeer floats, puppies, my dads laughter, Shasta daisies, knowing that he loves me,
  15. kukanglv answered: rain, the smell of freshly cut grass, scented candles, soak in the tub, neck kisses, long heartfelt meaningful hugs
  16. eibeibei answered: Company of my loved ones and a well-written book.
  17. lanimacias answered: pistachio ice cream and some weed
  18. jenesis-genevieve answered: new episodes of the Vampire Diaries lol
  19. daisypinwheel said: to live. oops!
  20. daisypinwheel answered: knowing I’m still alive and trying the live.
  21. waltzingmatildablog answered: Good chocolate, good music, and many other things.
  22. oh-turbulentheart answered: Hugs, smiles, being loved and cared for.
  23. larsonerinn answered: So many things!! Blankets, friends, coffee, family, camping, a good book :)
  24. linoleum-roses answered: pumpkins. anything orange really.
  25. isabraca answered: Making others happy
  26. prynte answered: knowing that one day i’ll be dead and nothing i’ve ever done will matter.
  27. mysteryofmyheart answered: chai tea lattes on crisp fall days
  28. theparrotblues answered: People. Being with them
  29. friendly-neighborhood-crystal answered: Wal-mart has their Christmas section set up already.
  30. jessieng answered: frozen yogurt
  31. plantsandminerals answered: Imagining him on my porch with a guitar waiting for me to say I’ve missed him and I’m sorry.
  32. casual-sadism answered: My Daughter, Aubrie :)
  33. vickykasps answered: my boyfriend
  34. elephant-trooper answered: spontaneous dance parties in parking lots with my best friend :)
  35. saidnothingatall answered: knowing that i have the ability to be happy no matter the circumstance.
  36. sexandhugsandrocknroll answered: My dog
  37. zhorse answered: Going to the miniature world section in Toys R’ Us
  38. dontfuckgirl answered: My family :)
  39. verbatimz answered: not homework
  40. generaloverdose answered: getting good grades.
  41. adaland answered: hugs
  42. certifiedusdaorganicchocolate answered: You do lol.
  43. fornowjustcarryon answered: My kitty - Hank :)
  44. fornowjustcarryon replied:
  45. samelnicomposer answered: Music, tea, and friends. :D
  46. wtftopher answered: Sometimes I wonder if I know what happiness actually feels like.
  47. wendyluwrites answered: knowing that someone was thinking about me.
  48. sauntering-vaguely-downwards answered: Sleeping in.
  49. loveisanopenblog answered: theatre.