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Good morning! What’s your name? What part of the world do you live in?

#curious #My name is Brandy and I'm in Michigan

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  1. allthatihaveiswhatidont answered: My name is Pia and I live in Slovenia.
  2. alluringreveries answered: My name is Brittany, and I’m in Florida.
  3. dreamofmelynv answered: lyn / manila, philippines
  4. this-fire-and-rain answered: pooja in california!
  5. martymcfli answered: Margaret, i’m from New York City
  6. starsfragment answered: My name is Aly and I’m in Southern California :D
  7. nazfreak99 answered: i dont like telling my real name to strangers.sry but i leave in singapore :)
  8. lifeinpoetry answered: Hello! I go by Gabrielle and live in Southern California.
  9. weirdo90 answered: I’m Ru Ya and I live in New York City. :]
  10. wholepizza answered: My name is Mai and I’m in Singapore. :)
  11. bonneidee answered: Hi! I’m Luana and I’m from Brazil :)
  12. whitneylouiseurmann answered: Whitney! I live in Idaho!:)
  13. solartorch answered: Hi, I am sean from Singapore. You have a very nice blog
  14. all-that-pushes-and-pulls answered: Hi! I’m Sarah from Washington DC! :)
  15. edithkate answered: Edith Kate, USA
  16. jivehyde answered: Ello. I’m Mel from Las Vegas, NV
  17. ninnr answered: Hi, I’m Nina. I live in Europe, Slovenia.
  18. milkymilkyrightt answered: My name is Monica and I also live in Michigan :)
  19. rainingwonderland answered: Hiii :D I am Catlin and I’m in Southern California
  20. angstinstars answered: Erica, and I’m in Michigan too!
  21. oneverystreet44 answered: Hi, Brandy :D ! How are you? My name is Solange and I live in Belgium!
  22. 1812-broverture answered: Bri from new jersey c:
  23. additupgetalifeofrain said: Katie, newton Massachusetts !
  24. dreamersmind answered: hello from the middle east. :) I’m Abdul.. and I’m from Kuwait. :)
  25. jenesis-genevieve answered: Good afternoon =) my name is Jenesis and I’m in Chicago
  26. kayejayne answered: Karina, I live in Wahington (state) in the US but am currently in London! :D
  27. mindbodynsouljewelry answered: Donna - I live in Southern New Jersey!
  28. thebeautyofimagination answered: stephanie. new zealand.
  29. bettyying answered: My name is Betty and I live in Southern California.
  30. i-like-your-freckle answered: I’m ashley, and I live in Ohio!
  31. fresheyedexplorer answered: I’m Tanith, I live in Tennessee, I’m from Hawaii, TN is only temporary.
  32. color-my-dreams answered: Good morning Brandy! I’m Marissa and I’m in State College, PA right now (:
  33. asuzzo answered: Hi! My name is andres and i live in Venezuela- Southamerica
  34. philosofly answered: Hi, Brandy! I’m Mike, and I live in Illinois!
  35. penguinlove23 said: My name is cassandra and i am from corpus christi, Texas:-) love your blog!! <3
  36. theothersara said: Hello Brandy! :D My name is Sara and I live in Illinois.
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  38. merrimiley said: Hi im smiley. I live in Thailand :D
  39. amaneciera answered: My name is Samantha and I live in Ontario. =)
  40. jeanetteleblanc answered: Jeanette, Phoenix, Arizona :)
  41. kuogelea answered: Jane from New Jersey!
  42. thelearningcurves said: Christine, and I live in California, US
  43. soundkideli answered: Eli I’m from Hawaii but I live ing Cali
  44. apriellaa answered: My name is Aprile (silent e) and I live in Toronto !
  45. apathetic-gods answered: I’m Anna and I live in New England! Good morning to you too =)
  46. dreamguide answered: Mornin’, I’m Tanya, I live in Moldova :)