Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go...

Am I crazy? Do you know how to fix it?

#not a rhetorical question

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  1. pinkedgloss answered: No you’re not crazy. And even if you are, you’re not alone <3
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  3. daileybri answered: we are all crazy, everyone just has their own kind of crazy.
  4. martymcfli answered: you probably are….but there is nothing broken so you need to be fixed
  5. ilhamfachriza answered: my mom always said to me “there’s always cloud above the cloud” so the others would be crazier :D
  6. passingelsewhere answered: that depends. what’s going on? and maybe i can help. but only you can fix it dear one. <3 g
  7. elfotografoinvidente answered: looks, smiles and dreams
  8. philosofly answered: I can explain, you should call more often
  9. 161fury161 answered: Why…. You are not crazy, if you were I would be there right next to you, along with all the rest
  10. solartorch answered: Meditate
  11. thedepthofme answered: if you’re crazy don’t fix it embrace it and mold it into something powerfully good
  12. vvievv answered: No, Yes.
  13. haleyhere answered: sing?
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  15. blueveinsandwindowpanes answered: We’re all crazy. There’s no fixing it. There’s only acceptance and love for who you are.
  16. shieldinthenight said: It ridiculously helped me to talk to someone about it, who wasn’t involved at all. Made me feel like my “crazy” was from thinking i was alone in my struggles and that they weren’t normal.
  17. deepchocolateeyes answered: why fix it? The best people’ve lost their minds. Life isn’t that special when you’re “normal and boring”
  18. beclo answered: I don’t think so. I think you are sad :(
  19. dawnofconsciousness answered: It’s okay. You don’t have to be fixed. I think you’re a lovely person. :)
  20. twistedcolon answered: Who says you have to? :)
  21. getlostineuphoria answered: Were all crazy here.
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