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What’s on your mind?

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  1. thebeautyofimagination answered: i feel lonely.
  2. ilhamfachriza answered: rewrite my history by doing traveling
  3. wamr answered: she is. always there. always beautiful. always tempting. always unreachable. always her.
  4. zfanwari answered: Local University : (
  5. the-emily-situation answered: omfg i have a story for you when i get time to tell it. i’m trying to study. obviously tumblr isn’t helping.
  6. sparrownumph answered: How awesome passive aggressive lyrics set to happy music can be.
  7. tehseeker answered: How to bring a smile to a pretty girl
  8. thisisacrashlanding answered: That I just really need my boyfriend to hold my hand right this instance. But alas it’s too late to see him because we have school tomorrow.
  9. waltzingmatildablog answered: Job search and how disheartening it is.
  10. mtnsformiles answered: I should probably feed my cats. Also I wish I had friends so I wasn’t alone tonight.
  11. erynneptune answered: jammed my thumb in my volleyball game… and i’m pretty sad about life in general. that’s about it, really. =/
  12. thisisvan said: someone that i have been thinking quite a lot recently
  13. thelearningcurves said: Mistakes and horrible things that have happened.
  14. secretsolace answered: how i should get off tumblr to study for my history test…oh well.
  15. efforvita answered: Chocolate
  16. fresheyedexplorer answered: Worried about my boyfriend’s cancer coming back.
  17. diaryofpoverty answered: Excited but nervous about starting my first day of work tomorrow!
  18. waalish answered: YOUR MOMS CHEST HAIR.
  19. driftwood7 answered: Thinking how to give someone I care about constructive criticism without seeming accusatory and without said person getting angry.
  20. balobasha-odikar answered: how I need to study but at the same time don’t wanna study
  21. woohbear answered: that i should change to work out
  22. naminhabolha answered: I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.
  23. kuogelea answered: I need to finish biology outline, take a shower, and I regret eating that ice cream. Sorry not
  24. paperieandpen answered: All of the pretty journals I wish I could buy from Etsy.
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