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  1. This has sat in my inbox for a while because despite the fact that I seem to share a lot online, I am actually quite a private person and can’t thing of ten things I’m willing to tell everyone about me. Which brings us to number two…
  2. The reason why I delete almost all personal posts within a day or so is because I don’t like sharing things. Unfortuately, I also feel intensely and when I’m stuck in that moment or thought, I have to get it out and tumblr is my place to do so. Later when I calm down or forget about it, I delete it because I feel too “out there.”
  3. I have maybe 3 people in this world I consider true friends. And two of them are from tumblr. Which doesn’t say a lot about my social life. But that’s also 2 more than I used to have before tumblr so…meh.
  4. I have no talent. None. I wish I had something, anything, but i do not.
  5. I am either completely obsessed or could not care less. This comes in handy when I am obsessed with school or work or cycling and not so handy when it comes to people or when I lose my obsession and no longer care about school, work, etc.
  6. I clip my fingernails the second they start to grow out that white part past the nail-bed? I just do not like having nails.
  7. I always wear lingerie despite the fact that it is rarely seen. I have a great collection and it makes me feel better to know I have it on.
  8. I can not think of a single career I would truly enjoy.
  9. I am addicted to blistex herbal answer chapstick and continue to purchase it in bulk online because it is discontinued. I have no idea what I will do the day I run out. I currently have 56 unopened tubes in a box on my dresser. 
  10. I am obsessed with details. I like knowing every detail about every little thing that I have an interest in. 

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