Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go...

Would you consider yourself wholesome?


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  1. countryangel66 answered: Yes, I would.
  2. kaileemadeline answered: Sometimes! Every day is different.
  3. driftwood7 answered: No. Because.
  4. scotty-k answered: Yes. I eat wheat bread for my sandwiches.
  5. kuogelea answered: Why I follow you: Yes, you do post the best quotes. You’re an introvert like myself, and I love hearing about your own personal life :)
  6. color-my-dreams answered: I don’t like the idea of wholesome; it reminds me of what parents expected their children to be in 1950’s America.
  7. ahappylittlebird said: Yes. It’s taken years to become what I wanted to be. But finally, yes.
  8. vileny answered: sometimes. I believe in doing everything in moderation. being cautious and choosing the safe route all the time doesn’t keep me happy long
  9. waltzingmatildablog answered: For the most part.
  10. no--solution answered: Nope.
  11. saidthepun said: Not everyone knows what wellness is anyhow, so no one knows what wholesomeness is.
  12. saidthepun answered: Always. But my mind, emotion, and other wholesome beings affect that wholesomeness. Nevertheless, maintaining wholesomeness is difficult.
  13. awordin answered: Yes, no, sometimes, maybe, I don’t know. The best I can explain is “it depends”? lol. I think it would take a lot more space than this.
  14. pleasur-3 answered: ??? awjjwa xD
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