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What are 3 of your top turn-ons?

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  1. vileny answered: playfulness, chin stubbles, self awareness
  2. friendly-neighborhood-crystal answered: Neck, nipples, words.
  3. aserefnozroca answered: long goodnight texts, gent and sense of humor :)
  4. griffshot answered: Long legs, intelligent banter, medium skin tone
  5. bettyying said: Does martial arts, has ambitions and dreams, likes to read, gets things done.
  6. pleonasmus answered: ability to keep up with me in a debate, stubble and commitment to health/fitness
  7. perfectlyawkward answered: someone who can make me laugh, cute smile, hygiene
  8. astronautsuitbythebbc answered: long legs, proper hygiene, intelligence
  9. angstinstars answered: being ridiculously comfortable/playful together. a godly leader for us. genuine.
  10. paperieandpen answered: a guy who reads, a guy who plays an instrument, and when a guy uses words like “quite” once in awhile.
  11. just-likeasunset answered: 1. confident smirk (not to be mistaken with a cocky smile) 2. the ability to hold my attention/make me want to be near 3. neck kisses.
  12. mherr78 answered: Manners, kindness, and humor :)
  13. whitneylouiseurmann said: Boys who read Nice smiles Witty
  14. aurumvespertilionem answered: biting, trailing fingers across my lower stomach, cuddling
  15. animosityisillegal answered: dimples, humor, and confidence on the edge of cockiness
  16. nyoness answered: Those arm muscles, a cute and unique smile, and when he’s not afraid to act silly in front of others.
  17. thedepthofme answered: eye contact with a smile just for me, kissing on the neck, those slight touches that noone else notices
  18. light-in-the-darkness11 answered: honestly, kindness, accepts you for you
  19. camping-out answered: nice lips, nice laugh, nice personality
  20. eremitik answered: guys on fire for God.
  21. antinahottub answered: biting your lip, being playfully aggressive, looking into eyes
  22. efforvita said: Freckles, long but muscular legs and brown hair
  23. kaleidascopeyez answered: Silly sense of humor, trivial intelligence, spontaneous
  24. genesis21-6 answered: compassion, intelligence, and sense of humor.
  25. be4ifall answered: Good sense of humor, arms, confidence. Oh and a guy playing with a dog/baby just makes my heart melt.
  26. balsambreath answered: face scruff, humor, a passion for something
  27. laura-whateverfloatsyourboat answered: lovely smile, reads, friendly personality.
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