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My steps on how to Eat the Peach

I feel like every guy alive needs to read this. 1. Touch and caress your girl’s body first, you don’t want to rush into things too quick, especially if you a minute man, slow down, hit all her spots, rub fingers gently across her body, without aggression!

2. To the disappointing performance type guys out there, do not at any point finger your girl, that fucks up the mood, think about it, I understand if you might be a minute man, but you shouldn’t let your finger be a better performer than you, think about it, my dick is way larger and wider than my finger, so wouldn’t she prefer that more!

3. Don’t kiss just yet, rub your lips up her arm to her neck, breathe lightly on her neck as you rub your lips on her neck, your girl should be tensed up, and ready for you to do whatever, if she doesn’t react to it, you are not smooth enough!

4. Now you ready to start kissing, but don’t do it, suck on her neck, then head for the ear lobe, gently lick around her ear, sometimes inside of it will be good too.

5. I like to have my girl experience my mind and body, so to get your girl ready for what’s bout to happen to her, you gotta do what I call “MIND FUCKING”! As you sucking on her ear, whisper your fantasies, let her know how bad you want her, and what you want to do to her, my line in my girl’s ear is “I want you to cum all over my face”, or the homies my say “Girl, sit on my face”, if you really love your girl, you say ” I wanna make love to you” but that shit is kinda weak, My girl has to know I’m as freaky as she can get, you have to be real and descriptive with what you want, and I want her to cum on my face!!!! 

6. At this point, your girl panties are drenched, she wants you more than ever, but you can’t give her the dick just yet, cuz if you rush into shit, she’s gonna win, and you’ll put up a disappointing performance!!! So what you do is work your way down to her breast, passionately sucking around them!!!! 

7. Now you get the breast, girls breast are very sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend biting the tit, because on the real that’s kinda bizarre, and some females don’t really be feeling that shit, so as you kiss around the breast, slowly lick around the nipple, but don’t lick the nipple yet, because you want to tease her, and right now she wants you so much, so you have control!!! 

8. After licking around the nipple, slowly rotate your tongue on her nipple!!! OKAY for my guys who have girl with itty bitty tiities, you have to get creative, what I do is get ice, put it in my mouth, and suck her nipple with the ice, her itty bitties are sure to get aroused, and there nothing like the sight of a hard nipple, then passionately suck her nipples, no teeth though, cuz how would you feel if she used her teeth sucking you up!! Open your mouth wide, and suck as much titty ur mouth can hold, then with ur lips slowly stroke her nipple up and down, and tug her nipple with ur lips!!!!! 

9. Slowly suck on her stomach, licking everyspot, and make sure your body is between her legs, she yearning now, cuz she know you just a couple steps from the pussy!!! 

10. Then for virgin pussy eaters, this is a perfect step for you to practice before you eat the pussy, go to the belly button, lick inside, suck on it, try all types of tongue manuevers inside it, basically imagine it’s the pussy!!!! 

11. Now you get to the step you’ve been waiting for, slowly spread her pussy lips open, for the virgin guys out there, go for what we call the “CLITORIS”, it’s a ball located on the top of the pussy, go to work on that portion, for as soon as you stick your lips in the pussy she should have just busted the biggest nut in your mouth!!!!! 

16. Gently lick the clitoris, I have big lips, so what I do is rotate my tongue around the clitoris very slowly, and with my big lips, I smother the clitoris, and suck all the juices from it, suck that clitoris like a peach, Yes, like a juicy ripe peach. while sucking the clitoris, you would have noticed that your mouth is filled with saliva, but my brother, that’s not saliva, that’s just ur girl’s cum all in your mouth!!!!!! 

17. Now you can start getting creative with the pussy, I start with licking the pussy, while sucking the clitoris, and start shaking my mouth, kinda vibrating my mouth and tougue in the pussy, this causes my girl to cum more often and quickly, this manuever right here can make your girl have back to back orgasms within minutes or seconds apart from each other!!!! 

18. Gently spread your girls pussy lips out, I have a long tongue, so this might not work for the guys with small tongues, take your tongue, and start tongue fucking the pussy, just like it’s a dick, and man will your girl start to cum off the pounding of your tongue inside her, and ur lips pounding her clitoris!!!! 

19. Now you have demolished eating the pussy, wipe that cum off your face, because she is definitely ready for the dick, and once you stick it inside, she should instantly cum on your dick, because she’s been yearning for it for so long!!!!! 

That all the steps from a guy that eats the pussy with a passion, I love to eat the pussy, fuck the guys that don’t cuz I will for hours if needed, cuz I’m a freak like that, my girl is satisfied and that’s all that counts, so you could call me a Pussy eating Professional, I remember resisting to eat the pussy, but my brother Philly told me “Quit acting like a fucking baby, EAT THAT THANG”, and I found out I was good at it, so I’ve been perfecting my skill ever since!!!!!! So all you fellas who can’t satisfy the candy shop, thank me later!!!!!!!

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