Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go...

So my meeting today was in Lansing, MI and was directly beside the capitol building :)

I panicked twice trying to get to the meeting from my hotel: once when I saw how many round-abouts I had to drive thru (small town girl here) and a second when there was no parking. WHY IS THERE NEVER ANY PARKING IN CITIES?! I found meters but they were only for 90min, not good for my 8hr meeting. And they didn’t have coin slots…just a number on them. I immedately called Matt (I know, I know..but he’s from a big city so I thought he might know how they work) and then finally drove all around till I found a parking garage, a.k.a. city robbery.

While walking around the capitol district trying to find somewhere for lunch, I realized that I am a 25yr old woman dressed in my sharpest suit with polished hair and makeup and anyone looking at me might think I actually belong here. They had no clue that I was staring at all the street performers behind my sunglasses and would rather stand and watch them than eat lunch. They didn’t realize that I panicked over city driving or that I really wanted to sneak pictures of the capitol building (which I totally did).

Then I started wondering how many of them don’t feel like real adults and don’t feel like they belong but they’re hoping to fake it long enough to make it through their day.

Anyway, I was also hoping to meet Bryanna ( because she goes to MSU in Lansing but then she said she’s already home for the summer :( sooo….blah. No awkward, shy tumblr meet up for me. Now if I can find my way out of the city during rush hour then I can begin my 3+ hour drive home.

#overall a successful day

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  1. balsambreath said: such a bummer :[ hopefully we’ll have another chance sometime!
  2. katehashope said: You live in Michigan?? I go to MSU :) Hope your Lansing experience was lovely!
  3. scotty-k said: This sounds like a pretty good day :)
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