Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go...

This test that has been floating around

Holy shit. I took this test and got the most accurate thing I’ve ever read about myself!


You are very demanding in a relationship, whether a romantic or platonic one. And yet there is an unperceived irony in that while you demand much from a partner, you are always somewhat reserved yourself. There is an unconscious desire to insure that your partner is more emotionally committed than you are, and this holds true for every relationship you have ever had. You may only be partially conscious of the lack of true emotional depth that you can bring to bear in a relationship. But now you know.

 You often create your own problems through a compulsion for perfection and individuality. A romantic relationship is often met with a critical discernment and a demanding attitude that can tend to create stress and trauma. Consequently, you will often become involved in a relationship that veers constantly from one extreme to another. Social approval is very important to you and yet you pride yourself in your aesthetic judgement. You will always be seeking for ways to prove your superiority or worth.

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    You feel frustrated in your attempts to make your will manifest itself in a relationship, either public or private. This...
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    You are lacking in confidence at the moment, most likely due to a sense that you may not achieve your immediate goals,...
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    I’m just reblogging this for the change in my personality: "You do have the ability to make emotional and physical...
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    You do have the ability to make emotional and physical connections to those around you and to receive pleasure from...
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    You do not realize how uncertain you really are about your place in society and the status of your personal...
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    "You are near your wit’s end and feel that the stresses and troubles of life have left you emotionally and physically...
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    "You are extreemly particular and demanding, especially in regard to a romantic partner. Although you are quite...
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    still as accurate as ever, spelling out my personal problems and anxieties in a logical manner
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