Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go...

"They were all cursed with something.
And her curse was loneliness.
And a heavy — oh, the heaviest heart."

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"I can’t open myself up without falling in love with every person I like. There’s too much pain in that. So I stay closed."

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"You are the way you are because that’s the way you want to be. If you really wanted to be different, you would be in the process of changing right now."

- Fred Smith



I want so badly not to want to run. But I do. I want to destroy this. I want to negate every thought that what we share is legitimate and instead leave without a trace. Then again, I also want you to be mine. Spend every night in your bed with your arms around me, being told that I have a smell that reminds you of me, and having you not leave the bed without kissing my forehead… Or hand… Or back. That’s the problem. I want to run and I want to stay. I want to tell you that I need to end this. I don’t want to break my walls down yet I want to be completely vulnerable. Either I keep this persona who’s skin and heart have been protected by armor all these years or I get you. And I’m not quite sure which is scarier.



Life has no victims. There are no victims in this life.

No one has the right to point fingers at his/her past and blame it for what he/she is today. We do not have the right to point our finger at someone else and blame that person for how we treat others, today.

Don’t hide in the corner, pointing fingers at your past. Don’t sit under the table, talking about someone who has hurt you. Instead, stand up and face your past! Face your fears! Face your pain! And stomach it all! You may have to do so kicking and screaming and throwing fits and crying- but by all means- face it!

This life makes no room for cowards.


- C. JoyBell C.



outdoor reading spaces.

"I was quiet, but I was not blind."

- Fanny Price, Mansfield Parki 

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"There’s no such thing as what might have been. That’s just a waste of time. It’ll drive you out of your mind."

- Tim McGraw


What are your favorite podcasts?

"I think literature is best when it’s voicing what we would prefer not to talk about."

- Rick Moody

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