Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go...

Maybe Maybe
by Nico Stai
from Dead Pony


"Maybe Maybe” by Nico Stai


i feel uncomfortable and out of place in 98% of all situations 

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"What’s the good of dragging up sufferings which are over, of being unhappy now just because you were then."

- Seneca



This is most most bizarre underwater world in Austria’s (western Europe).It complicity different with other Nature gifts.yes the winter time almost half of the year,the lake is almost completely dry and people used as a  park. However, during the spring, when the temperature rises and the snow melts from surrounding mountains, the basin of land below the mountains fills with water.each and every year 12m of water rising temperatures.


Hey! You seem to always have such great quotes and read the best books? Are you on goodreads? Do you have a list to follow?


Thanks! I do have a goodreads account

Once I started something where I was reading my favorite book on here (like posting an audio each day with part of it) and I was recently asked to do that again so I may. Let me know if anyone has a suggestion of a book they’d like read which isn’t crazy long (no 900 pagers or we’ll go all year!). Also let me know if you’d even want that because I felt silly posting it last time and ended up deleting it after a while.


Skógafoss By Sverrir Thorolfsson