Close your eyes, clear your heart, let it go...

"You may tire of reality but you never tire of dreams."

- The Road to Yesterday, L.M. Montgomery (via fuckyeahliteraryquotes) (via themirrorsmagicsights)


"They tremble with the nervous thought,
Of having been at last forgot"

- Sufjan Stevens



Photographer: Katelyn Downs
Words: smilesaregolden


Prayer Flags in Tibet, China, Asia © Michele Black


Prayer Flags in Tibet, China, Asia
© Michele Black

Willy Mason - Oxygen


in a world by =paintspills


in a world by =paintspills


“Sometimes, when one person is missing, the whole world seems depopulated.”

Alphonse de Lamartine


Oh, we're making excuses for human frailties


There are things that will never seem fair, or right, or easy nonetheless real. There are some people who will never understand exactly how you feel or what you’re going through, so you must be strong enough to fight for yourself. It is not comforting, but life has never given you a pillow that it wouldn’t pull out from under you. Being optimistic is not being glassy-eyed, happy, or innocent all the time; it’s a fucking battle against all the odds and all the currents; it’s a choice to want more, to feel more, and to be more than a twig in a cave; it’s a battle to learn how to rest your head without a pillow, and still be okay with that.
Don’t let your pride or any fear limit you with what you do, or feel, or even simply say. I do not understand why there were some things I felt “uncomfortable” about saying to someone when it was as genuine as anything ever could be. I do not understand why I will always have this fear of saying the most simplistic things I want to voice and ask my mother because I don’t really feel “comfortable” doing so. 
That’s what got me; comfort in impulsive decisions and throwing my hands up in the air. Comfort is such a tricky thing; it’s perfect, so presently soothing and personal and instant, yet it gives off the vibe as if it is the best and most important thing of all when at many cores it is the enabler. Real life is not just locking finger tips, kisses under the stars, drinking margaritas on the beach with your toes in the sand, flowers and the cute animals at the zoo; Real life is guts and blood, scars and puke, rejection and loneliness, fear, death, and lonely gasps. Real life is about learning, growing, and sculpting yourself through the good and harsh times and all else that is necessary for self fulfillment.


  (by myashtrayheart)

And I walk up those steps
Where we used to go at night
And my fingers trace the stairwell
And I am back in time
I just need your warmth to lay with me and find
All you are now is only just a dream

"Just a Dream" Griffin House